PDF Embanner is a GUI to manipulate PDF through PyPDF2 python package. It allows concatenating or splitting, rotating, cropping or watermarking PDFs.

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PDF Embanner


This is a GUI software designed to manipulate existing pdf. It allows to :

  • Concatenate several PDF files, changing page order and selecting only relevant pages and adding blank pages
  • Rotate and/or crop PDF pages
  • Editting PDF metadata
  • Watermarking of PDF with other existing pdf or with custom text
  • Extracting text from PDF
  • Splitting a single PDF file into a file per page
  • Encrypting PDF and decrypting if the encryption method is supported by python PyPDF2 package


Simply clone or download this repository, and copy it on your computer. On linux systems simply type ./pdfembanner should work, else you will have to launch pdfembanner with python3 manually.

You have to have a python 3.5+ installed, and for watermarking with custom text a Latex installation is also necessary. To tell PDF embanner which latex compiler to use, please edit the pdfembannersrc/compiler.conf.

Licence and credits

This software is distributed under GNU/GPL v3 licence, see www.gnu.org/licenses/